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Blacklisted Blackjack Casinos 1

Understanding why blackjack casinos may become blacklisted is crucial to finding a venue that promotes fair play and honest odds. The following information will help players spot wrongdoings and even understand why their favorite casinos may have been blacklisted.

Denying Withdrawals

Any casino that refuses to provide a player with his or her rightly earned money without some sort of undeniable proof of fraudulent activity on that player's part is often subjected to immediate blacklisting. This includes holding money that a consumer deposited into his or her online casino account, any progressive jackpots that players win and even the accumulation of winnings over a period of time. Players should be able to withdraw these funds in a reasonable amount of time with no hassle from the casino proprietors.

Unfair Practices

Casinos are held to stringent standards when it comes to providing their players with ample opportunities to win. If regulatory bodies find out that a casino has an unfairly high house edge or that they manipulate their software to prevent players from winning, they are likely to be blacklisted. Likewise, if casinos alter their payout tables in order to make more profit from their players, they may find themselves being shut down.

Poor Customer Service

Another way to spot an unfair and likely soon-to-be blacklisted online casino is by the reputation preceding its customer service. If the company fails to reply to emails, does not answer the telephone or fails to return calls or fails to answer requests for live chat, this can result in blacklisting. Even if the company makes itself available, if the company officials are rude to customers and do not work diligently to resolve customer issues, this may result in blacklisting, as well. Companies should never give out players' private information and should work hard to encrypt all financial transactions to promote fair gameplay and customer satisfaction.

Consumers who are interested in learning more can find lists of blacklisted casinos on the internet and read numerous consumer reviews online, as well. Though these are the primary reasons why a casino may be blacklisted, there are plenty more to be concerned with.

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