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Blacklisted Blackjack Casinos 2

Online casinos may be blacklisted for any number of reasons, whether they are notorious for unfair gaming practices or rude to their clients and customers. At any rate, paying attention to casino blacklists and understanding what is fair and what is not will help players get the most from their gambling experiences.

What is a Blacklist?

A blacklist is essentially a list of casinos that are known for unfair gaming practices, whether this means that they will not pay out winnings as promised, they fail to provide quality customer services or they simply refuse to allow regulation by various government bodies. Players should keep in mind that blacklists can be created by anyone and that not all of these lists are fully truthful in their claims. Consumers should only trust blacklists that are enforced by government gambling regulatory bodies.

Terms and Conditions

When an online casino first opens its virtual doors, it is required to set forth a page of terms and conditions that all players and members must agree to follow. As long as these terms and conditions are fair and within reason, players are required to uphold them for fear that their accounts may be cancelled. Failure to read and understand the terms may find themselves shocked when bonus payouts do not arrive as expected and become upset with the casino. This is not a reason for blacklisting; this simply shows that the player did not read the rules carefully.

When Are Casinos Blacklisted?

A single event or failure to pay out winnings on time, perhaps even due to a software error, will not result in a casino's blacklisting unless it continues to occur on a regular basis. However, if a casino is found to have manipulated their software in such a way that payouts are reduced or do not occur, this is considered fraudulent activity and the casino will no longer be allowed to operate. Players should take this into consideration when searching for blacklists online.

Understanding what blacklists are and how a casino may find themselves on a blacklist is the first step in protecting player rights. For information on some of the top reasons for blacklisting, players should consult part two of this series.

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